Social media, digital media, interactive media – whatever you would like to call it – is constantly evolving. There are few true experts out there since it is developing so quickly. What we hope to do with these breakfasts is connect local businesses, showcase what our neighbors are doing, talk about what is working and what is not, invite local and regional experts to teach and inspire us, and show that Waco is a great place to do business.

We work hard to make sure each breakfast is full of useful information and applicable and inspiring. If you have an idea for an upcoming breakfast or are looking for more about Waco Social Media Breakfast, please contact us.

For more information about Social Media Breakfasts all around the globe please check out our friends at Social Media Breakfast.


Whether you are a:

  • Business owner trying to add social media
  • Social media expert
  • Social media newbie
  • Someone who wants to come to learn
  • Someone who wants to come to teach
  • Someone who really likes breakfast


Waco Social Media Breakfast is for everyone. 

Our meeting formats:

Roundtable Discussion

The group picks a topic and we find an expert (or at least someone who has used it before) and you bring your questions for an interactive discussion. Lots of sharing and learning is sure to happen.


We secure a speaker that has experience or in an innovator on topics that relate to social media.  You bring your questions and come ready to learn something new!


Twice a year (June and December), we sleep in and meet after work for a TweetUp.  There isn’t a speaker or agenda, but there is always wine.  Feel free to join us!