Currently I am looking for some volunteers:


Venue Selection and Reservations

Responsibilities Include:

  • Secure Venue for monthly breakfast meetings
  • Secure Venue for bi-annual tweetups (June and December)
  • Verify Reservation with Venue and Caryn Brown 2 weeks before event

Speaker Solicitation and Topic Selection

Responsibilities Include:

  • Secure Speakers for monthly breakfast meetings (5 per year)
  • Define Roundtable Topics for monthly breakfast meetings (5 per year?

Blog Contributor

Responsibilities Include:

  • Writing a teaser blog post for upcoming Waco Social Media Breakfasts/TweetUps
  • Writing a monthly recap of our Waco Social Media Breakfasts/TweetUps

Social Media Marketing

Responsibilities Include:

  • Monitoring Activity on Facebook Group
  • Sharing information on Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google + Page

If you are interested, please complete the form below: