Waco Social Media Breakfast was born in 2008 . . . when social media was still a new idea for many.

In 2007, Bryan Pearson started various groups to talk about social media in different cities in the county and Social Media Breakfasts were born. Then, in 2008, Jay Ehret and Bryan Pearson discussed starting a Social Media Breakfast in Waco.  Jay took the lead and started the group in 2008 with Caryn Brown and CJ Jackson taking over in 2009.  On the Social Media Breakfast site, there are blog posts from 2009 and 2010.

Just as the Waco Social Media Breakfasts have grown, so has the Social Media Breakfast movement as a whole.  Currently there are about 40 cities worldwide, with active Social Media Breakfast communities.

We work hard to make sure each breakfast is full of useful information and applicable and inspiring. If you have an idea for an upcoming breakfast or are looking for more about Waco Social Media Breakfast, please contact us.

For more information about Social Media Breakfasts all around the globe please check out our friends at Social Media Breakfast.